e2e4 Crawley Summer Bank Holiday Congress

26th - 29th August 2016

Arora Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 6LW

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Open : A 7 round FIDE rated open swiss for players of all strengths and nationalities.

U2000 : A 7 round FIDE rated swiss for players of any nationality rated below 2000 (175 ECF).

U1700 : A 7 round FIDE rated swiss for players of any nationality rated below 1700 (140 ECF).

e2e4 Crawley Congress


Open Name Flags Score Fed. M/F Rating TPR W-We Prize
1st= IM Adair, James R   5.5 ENG M 2481 2561 0.7 £262.50
1st= GM Cherniaev, Alexander   5.5 RUS M 2441 2456 0.32 £262.50
1st= IM Sarakauskas, Gediminas   5.5 LTU M 2405 2522 0.88 £262.50
1st= Clarke, Brandon G I   5.5 ENG M 2193 2458 1.95 £262.50
2050+ FM Merry, Alan B   5 ENG M 2396 2507 0.93 £100.00
u2050 Prior, Stephen C V   3.5 ENG M 1943 2077 1.24 £100.00


u2000 Name Flags Score Fed. M/F Rating TPR W-We Prize
1st= Ai, Farshad   5.5 ENG M 1956 2002 0.42 £233.33
1st= Hurtado Oldridge, Felipe   5.5 ESP M 1935 2042 0.81 £233.33
1st= Spanton, Tim R   5.5 ENG M 1923 2053 0.9 £233.33
1800+ Cove, Henry   5 ENG M 1836 2044 1.68 £100.00
4th McCabe, Shane   5 IRL M 1798 1977 1.75 £100.00
1700-1799 Bennett, Rhys   4.5 WLS M 1753 1881 1.32 £100.00
u1700 Watson, Mikey J   4 ENG M 1481 1800 2.77 £100.00


u1700 Name Flags Score Fed. M/F Rating TPR W-We Prize
1st Jaufarally, Nadia w 6 ENG M 1381 1881 4.19 £200.00
2nd Counsell, Robert W   5.5 ENG M 1577 1740 0.99 £100.00
3rd= Pride, Stephen C   5 ENG M 1687 1728 0.33 £25.00
3rd= Harris, John   5 ENG M 1544 1614 0.5 £25.00
u1550 Manocha, Shobhin   3.5 ENG M 1161 1723 1.3 £50.00



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

4th Prize*

Rating Prizes

Entry Fee

Hotel Guest


Open to all





2050 and Over


£100 each


Less £5

FIDE U2000

U2000 / U175





1800 and over



£100 each


Less £5

FIDE U1700

U1700 / U140






£50 each


Less £5


(W)GMs and (W)IMs may play free of any entry fee.  (W)FMs may play for £15.

4th Prize availble if more than 40 players in a section.

There will be one rating prize up to 30 paying players per section, two up to 42 players, and an additional rating prize for each 10 paying players thereafter.   Rating prizes will be awarded to the player with the best performance relative to rating (W-We) in each band. Unrated players will count based on FIDE = ECF * 7.5 + 700 for this purpose.

In the event of a tie, grading or rating prizes will be split amongst the two lowest rated players involved in the tie.

FIDE rated players may play in the U2000 or U1700 if they are rated below 2000 or 1700 respectively irrespective of ECF grade. Players without a FIDE rating may play in the U2000 or U1700 provided they have an ECF grade below 175 or 140 respectively.

In order to encourage participation of female players, who are a minority in chess,
there is free entry for all women and girls in this event
(for entries received no later than Sunday 7th August 2016


We have negotiated special rates with Arora Hotel Crawley for players wishing to stay at the venue if booked through e2e4 chess

  Cost per person
per night (b&b)
Single £55.00
Double £36.00
Twin £36.00

There is a £5 discount off of the entry fee for those players staying 3 nights at the venue, booked with e2e4 Chess.

A late entry fee of £5 will be payable on entries received later than Sunday 21st August 2016. 

Entries on the day will be accepted at the organiser's discretion, subject to a £5 additional fee.

All entry fees must be paid when an entry is submitted, otherwise the entry will not be accepted.

English players must be Gold members of the ECF, or upgrade their Silver or Bronze membership to Gold.

No player may win more than one prize.

This event is only possible thanks to the support of the Arora Hotel Crawley. If you are staying in Crawley, please stay at the venue if you want the event to continue!

We'll give you a £5 discount off your entry fee if you do!!


It's not practical for an such as Crawley to have an Opening Ceremony with the drawing of lots for colours, but we do believe that all players should be able to see that the draw for colours is fair, transparent and random. For those of you who have played in one of our events before, you will know that we like to be inventive when it comes to doing this. We'll announce this in the week before the event.


Playing Schedule

Opening Ceremony


18.50 - 19.00

Round 1


19.00 - 23.00

Round 2


10.00 - 14.00

Round 3


15.00 - 19.00

Round 4


10.00 - 14.00

Round 5


15.00 - 19.00

Round 6


10.00 - 14.00

Round 7


15.00 - 19.00


Pairings in all sections will be according to FIDE swiss pairing rules, using the Swiss Master computer program.


Time Control

All Sections : All moves in 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move increments from move 1

All games will be played using digital clocks.

Re-pairing may take place 30 minutes after the start of a round.

Grades & Ratings

FIDE Ratings from the August 2016 list will be used for eligibility and pairing all sections, whilst ECF grades published in the August 2016 list will be used for unrated players.

All sections will be FIDE rated and ECF graded.


Notwithstanding the fact that players may be re-paired 30 minutes after the start of the round the default time for all sections will be 1 hour from the scheduled start of the round.

Ungraded Players

Players without a FIDE rating or ECF grade must give details of estimated playing strength, including any current or previously held grading or rating from the ECF or other body.


Venue and Directions

The venue is in a prime location.  Crawley town centre is within walking distance (less than 1 mile) and Gatwick Airport is a short drive away (3.5 miles).  Car parking is available at the hotel.  This is free of charge to those staying in the hotel, or £5 per day if not.  There is also plenty of free on street parking within 5 minutes walk of the hotel.

   By Car:  

The hotel offers on-site underground secured car parking facilities for 200 cars.

From the M23, exit at junction 10 taking the A2011 to Crawley. At the first roundabout take the second exit towards the town centre. At the second roundabout take the first exit towards the County Mall. At the both sets of traffic lights proceed straight over; the County Mall should be on your right. Go straight under the Railway Bridge, and the hotel is on your right.

Please note that there is no lift from the car park to the hotel, so we advise that you drop off your luggage at the main entrance before parking.

  By Train:   

Crawley mainline station is adjacent to the hotel with frequent train services to London Victoria, Brighton and the region. There is private direct access from platform 2 into the hotel grounds. To use this access, follow the signs to the end of the platform and press the intercom button at the gate.


See full size imageBy Air:  

The venue is 3.5 miles from London Gatwick Airport. 

The hotel provides a scheduled transport service as follows;

The hotel airport shuttle service will run daily from 0545-2145.

Journey from the hotel takes approximately 20 minutes. Please allow sufficient time for your journey in case of any delays.

This service is on a request basis, must be pre-booked and is subject to availability. The transport is a chargeable service at £3.50 per adult each way. Children under 2years travel FREE of charge when accompanied by an adult. Arrangements can be made by calling the hotel from Gatwick Airport or via Reception on arrival.

Departing from the Arora Hotel Gatwick Crawley - every quarter to the hour.

Departing from the North Terminal Gatwick Airport - outside Sofitel London Gatwick - every quarter past the hour.

Departing from the South Terminal Gatwick Airport - Bus Stop 10 every 20 minutes past the hour.


Special rates of £36 B&B per person per night (based on 2 sharing) and £55 B&B (single) have been negotiated with Arora Hotel Crawley.   Due to high demand for this quality hotel we have only been able to secure 35 rooms at these rates, which are sure to sell quickly.  Because of this high demand, the hotel require a minimum two night stay in order to get the chess rate.


To book a room include the details on your online entry form and we'll take care of everything else.  You don't need to pay for your room until you arrive at the hotel!

There is a £5 discount off of the entry fee for those players staying at least 3 nights at the venue if booked through e2e4 Chess.


This event is only possible thanks to the support of the Arora Hotel Crawley.  If you are staying in Crawley, please stay at the venue if you want the event to continue. 

There is a £5 discount off of the entry fee if you do!


Tea, coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, sandwiches, snacks etc will be available, as well as a fully licensed restaurant, within the tournament venue for the duration of the event.

Please note that only refreshments that have been purchased from the hotel may be consumed within the hotel buildings.

Discounted rates on lunch, dinner and drinks will be available for all chess players.


No smoking is allowed within the hotel buildings.




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